Code of Ethics

When it comes to dedication and keeping promises, our efforts are directed first and foremost to our customers.

This year as in the past, we will continue to do everything possible to ensure that your experience with us is worth while and beneficial to your business or school.

It is our hope that you will discover a profitable blend of must have products you will want to keep in your store at all times that will make you stand out from your competition.

One of the things that we hear over and over again is that our customers enjoy our promptness assisting them. We will drive through the stormiest days to ensure that your order will reach you on time.

We not only pride our self on our delivery service but also our friendly drivers, clean trucks and warehouses that is accessible to our customers with freezers that are full of inventory.

Along with our patience, integrity, and understanding we, Piazza’s Ice Cream & Ice House, vow to offer you the finest products at the best price.

This remains our commitment to you.


We will act with integrity in all we do, because integrity is the cornerstone of the way Piazza’s Ice Cream & Ice House does business.

Honoring promises is high on our list of requirements in being a business of integrity.

Our business is not only built with integrity but also it creates bonds of trust that lead to strong and professional enduring relationships with our customers.


To be forth right in our dealings, clear and accurate in our communications and to earn and keep the trust of those we serve.


To treat people with dignity and fairness.

To follow the golden rule: Treat others as you would want to be treated.


To live up to our customers expectations, to be accountable for our actions and strive for excellence.


To be brave enough to live our values even when we are confronted by those who don’t.