From Packaged Ice To Ice Sculptures And Luges, The Difference Is Clear!!

Making the choice for ice is easy.

Our customers are extremely satisfied with our quality, service and ice products. From bagged ice-to-ice sculptures, Piazzas Ice House has you covered.

We also create Ice Sculptures, You will be amazed by the intricate detail and the aesthetic beauty of our ice sculptures. We provide ice sculptures for weddings, corporate events, religious events and birthdays.

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We deliver throughout New Jersey, Staten Island and Brooklyn on a same day basis.

Ice Cubes

From bagged ice-to-ice sculptures, PIAZZA’S ICE CREAM & ICE HOUSE  has you covered.

We at Piazza’s Ice Cream & Ice House deliver Crystal Clear Ice that is produced from NATURAL, PURIFIED WATER TO PROVIDE THE FINEST ICE.


20 or 40 lbs. Crushed or Cubed


50 lb. Dry Ice Block


300 lb. Carving Block


25 lb. Ice Block

Dry Ice

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From world class events to single block show pieces, we can suggest creative ways to impress clients within your budget. We have our packaging and dedicated drivers deliver sculptures to your tables or freezer on time.

Imaginative from our professional distributor are hand carved to your exact specification by our talented ice artists. Rich with detail and aesthetic beauty, our sculptures are great for weddings, corporate outings, meetings, and special occasions such as birthdays, graduations, religious events and more.

In addition to our Ice Sculptures we also offer exciting, intricately created ice luges that become the focal point at parties.

Ice Luges

In addition to sculptured ice luges we offer a standard ice luge or a 300 lb. Ice Block so you can carve your own.

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